Friday, October 16, 2009



‘Malaysiaku Gemilang’ that is the slogan that we as a folk of Malaysia always proud, but in his reality Malaysia is sink by darkness namely crime increasingly rampant. Crime was one act which contravened government law in something place. Those people doing this criminal act is named criminal. Ostensibly, law has enacted to handle crime rate but until now the crime become increasingly. People like ‘to be in deep water ‘at 13th May 2009 we shocked by crime news ‘man charged with murder and incest of daughter’. After that, the crime unabated at 11th Aug 2009, we also shocked about ‘cops gun down four wanted gangster’. Lastly at 2nd Sept 2009’police nab nanny carrying cocaine-soaked clothes at bus station’ this case it looks like usual matter at eyes folk of Malaysia.�

The reason increase in crime rates is loose family ties. Today the society is behaved materialistic. Many parent busy with her work and no have time with her children. When parent go home, they feel tired and not able to serve child’s behaviors. Consequence is, they feel loneliness and secluded from family. The situation more troubles if the parent always quarrels and her son is a victim. The solution is they do a crime, may be to get attention from her parent.�
Another reason is no religious education. Charity good religious education can control emotion when have problem. In life, of course many problems come and understanding has failed created. For they no religious education, may be will take act brutally.
Effective measure need to be taken immediately to deal this problem. Children now must give educated with the knowledge of religion since at small. Parent must show a good attitude to their children. Its course parent is ‘role model‘ to their son , if her parent show a negative attitude it will follow by her children. If this situation not stop it will be continue by her son and this crime will be not to the end.
The conclusion, all folk of Malaysia must cooperate to combating this crime. How??? They can help police combating crime with join ‘rakan cop’ just send messages that have a information about the crime so the crime will be decreases. �


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