Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Cikgu Shida Alaf Baru=)

Hoit Junior yang catwat...bahagi1000x(dalam bahasa Inggeris)
To my junior i will always pray 4 ur best result in this final exam.....
haha ur all are so special coz every time happy
im jelous see that special about u allz...
whay this video many said name BG, so boring haha
my name at 2 ,3 from last....
haha this video like last exam u all will take it
i trust u all can doit
trust & Pray to ALLAH,
Allay Will Help U

Hope we cam meet next semester...
and next year as same level degree but i will be junior debat nest year Insyallah....
4 The last word, do u know
kak faz, eli, BG , jimmy and umol waiting 4 u allz at bilik debat to go MCD together thats time???
(mirul have to but dont want to go coz bz)
Friendz 4 Ever n Ever hahaha


my_rules said...

silap eja....*why.....*ALLAH.....*next

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